Live blog: twin explosion Ankara, Turkey

Live blog: twin explosion Ankara, Turkey

Turkish media reported of an twin explosion near the main train station in Ankara. The explosion took place during a peace rally.  What happened is still unknown, but eyewitness speak about a man with a bomb vest or about explosions in two buildings. The Turkish government talk about a terrorist attack. Emergency teams are at the scene and speak of at least 30 deaths and over 120 wounded.

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During the peace rally people recorded the explosion and the panic after.


14:55 Media reports deaths are up to 86 and 186 wounded. Some of the wounded are in critical condition.

14:45 Turkey blocks social media after today’s bombing. The rest of the world explodes.

tweet sm blockedtwitter blocked

14:28 The US embassy in Turkey sends their condolences to the Turkish people and the family’s of the victims. The last bombing in Ankara was at the US embassy in 2013.

tweet US embassy

14:07 CNN and Turkish government calls the explosion the deadliest attack in recent history.

13:42 Turkish witness place a video on YouTube/Twitter at the scene. WARNING! The images are really shocking.



Tweets bombing ankara


13:31 Media report that at least 30 people died and 126 people are wounded

13:17 PKK, the Kurdish party, announce an unilateral cease-fire. They announced this short after the twin explosion at the peace rally, which was pro-Kurdish. President Erdogan condemns the attack. “No matter what its origin, aim or name, we are against any form of terrorist act or terrorist organisation. We are obliged to be against it together. Like other acts of terror, the attack at the Ankara train station is taking aim at our unity, brotherhood and future,The solidarity and determination we are going to display in the face of this attack will be the biggest and the most meaningful response to the terror.”

13:13 First video’s and images of the havoc and panic appear at YouTube

Twitter explodes with pictures and endorsement from all over the country and world

traangas policetweet bombing ankara


11:37 The Guardian claims the explosions are an (terrorist) attack. Turkish MP, Sirri Süreyya Önder, also claimed a suspicious vehicle and another suspicious package had been found and that bomb disposal experts had been called to the scene. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast. The explosion came three weeks ahead of a parliamentary election and amid growing security concerns in the region. A rally for the pro-Kurdish HDP party was bombed in June, ahead of last year’s general election. It’s really hard to say who is behind the attack.

map Turkey

09:53 Dutch and English media report about a massive explosion, around 10 am Turkish time, near the main train station of Ankara. The explosions took place during a peace rally. The rally was a protest against conflict between state and Kurdish militants. By then 20 people were already killed and emergency team counted 90 wounded. Bodies lay in two circles around 20 m apart where the explosions had taken place, a Reuters reporter said.

Previous Bombings in Ankara

Bombing at the US embassy in 2013 

Bombing at a market in 2007 

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